In february 2012 I received a cdl physical and got a clean bill of health. But because of the incompetence of a physicians assistant she marked my medical certificate wrong with one too many boxes telling penndot I have high blood pressure or diabetes.

Now according to my certificate expiration date it shouldn't expire till February 2014 but because of this error it expires in 10 days and my cdl will be pulled. Med express has no record of my being there and the assistant that did my physical is no longer there. So they are pushing the pressure on me and my employer to find the paperwork. TOTAL INCOMPETENCE.

Every driver check your certificate to make sure if you have a clean bill of health that the BOTTOM RIGHT BOX OF YOUR CERTIFICATE IS NOT MARKED. Your certificate then expires every year.

Not every 2 years. They will not rectify this unless I provide the documentation.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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I know one thing there's always two sides to the story. MedExpress should have an electronic copy of the physical....but as I read all of these complaints on here, wow!

people are just misinformed and THINK they know how medical facilities work. I swear, patients know everything!

Trenton, New Jersey, United States #788641

Anonymous do you work for med express in Pittsburgh? You seem to defend this shady *** company at every turn.

Yes this dude should have his paperwork but Medexpress is supposed to keep record? What is wrong with this company.?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #702081

Are you not guilty of the same thing your complaining about? You can't find locate the hard copy they gave you of the very forms your pissed for them not being able to find? Obviously they are at fault for not having it too but at least they are willing to rectify the problem if YOU had YOUR paperwork.

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